Source code for scitokens.utils.config

Module for configuration management


# Config parser is renamed in python 3
import configparser
import logging
import logging.handlers

# Set the default cache lifetime fo 4 days
    'log_file': "",
    'log_level': "INFO",
    'cache_lifetime': "345600",
    'cache_location': "",
    'default_alg': "RS256"

configuration = configparser.ConfigParser(CONFIG_DEFAULTS) # pylint: disable=C0103

[docs]def set_config(config = None): """ Set the configuration of SciTokens library :param config: config may be: A full path to a ini configuration file, a ConfigParser instance, or None, which will use all defaults. """ global configuration # pylint: disable=C0103 if isinstance(config, str): configuration = configparser.ConfigParser(CONFIG_DEFAULTS)[config]) elif isinstance(config, configparser.RawConfigParser): configuration = config elif config is None: print("Using built-in defaults") configuration = configparser.ConfigParser(CONFIG_DEFAULTS) configuration.add_section("scitokens") else: pass logger = logging.getLogger("scitokens") if configuration.has_option("scitokens", "log_file"): log_file = configuration.get("scitokens", "log_file") if log_file != "": # Create loggers with 100MB files, rotated 5 times logger.addHandler(logging.handlers.RotatingFileHandler(log_file, maxBytes=100 * (1024*1000), backupCount=5)) else: logger.addHandler(logging.StreamHandler()) # Set the logging log_level = configuration.get("scitokens", "log_level") if log_level == "DEBUG": logger.setLevel(logging.DEBUG) elif log_level == "INFO": logger.setLevel(logging.INFO) elif log_level == "WARNING": logger.setLevel(logging.WARNING) elif log_level == "ERROR": logger.setLevel(logging.ERROR) elif log_level == "CRITICAL": logger.setLevel(logging.CRITICAL) else: logger.setLevel(logging.WARNING)
[docs]def get(key, default=None): """ Get the configuration value for key :param str key: The key in the configuration to retreive :returns: The value in the configuration, or the default """ del default global configuration # pylint: disable=C0103 try: return configuration.get("scitokens", key) except (configparser.NoOptionError, configparser.NoSectionError) as noe: # Check the defaults if key in CONFIG_DEFAULTS: return CONFIG_DEFAULTS[key] else: raise noe
[docs]def get_int(key, default=None): """ Get an integer from the configuration. :param str key: The key in the configuration to retreive :returns: The value in the configuration, or the default """ return int(get(key, default))